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Fanboys going cray, huh? How could they though? I mean so they are mad…who cares! They say fangirls are making the EXOtics look bad, but let EXO come & read some of the things they are sending! I understand some of the fanboys may not want to be out about their liking of another guy, but please….grow a pair! If your a real man you will suck up whatever hate anyone gives you & do what you do! What everybody else says shouldn’t matter to Fanboys! There are alot of Fangirls AND guys that think Fanboys are to cute! I think its really cool to be a fanboy! My freaking 46 year old DADZ is a fanboy….NO a FANMAN! Gee~ Just move on. But on some real stuff…if they have a problem with their picture being up they need to point out which one is them or stop posting stuff on the internet! They way they are going off is not even cute! Its ugly like I don’t know what! To say I THOUGHT they were cute…they have dirty mouths!! Dirty mouth? CLEAN THAT CRAP WITH ORBIT!! I’m done…I don’t wanna have to really go off! Fighting Blog Poster~ Forget what they say & keep this blog up! If they want to delete it so bad tell them to cone press the button for you!


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